Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

7 Safety Features for Your New Car

Nino Clement

You want to be safe in your vehicle. When you purchase a new vehicle, you have a chance to invest in a vehicle with high-quality safety features that will protect you. It is essential to know what safety features to look for in a new vehicle.

Safety Feature #1: Seat Belt Reminder

Sometimes, when you get in your vehicle, you can get distracted and forget to put on your seat belt before you start driving. With a front seatbelt reminder, a warning will pop-up on your dashboard if someone in the front doesn't have their seat belt on. The front belt warning sensor works by sensing if there is weight in the seat and if the seat belt is engaged, and if not, the warning will sound. Wearing your seat belt is one of the best ways to stay safe.

Safety Feature #2: Dual Front Seat-Mounted Side and Advanced Airbags

If you want to stay safe in the vehicle, you need to make sure you have airbags that will keep you safe. Dual front seat-mounted airbags and dual front advanced airbags are some of the best airbags you can have to keep you safe. Make sure any car you purchase is full equipped with lots of airbags.

Safety Feature #3: 3-Point Seat Belts

Three-point seatbelts help to keep you secure and in your seat. Three-point seat belts should not just be in the front; you want a car with three-point seat belts in the back as well, so all passengers in your car are protected with seat belts that will keep them in place if you get into an accident.

Safety Feature #4: Tire Pressure Monitor System

Although you should glance at your tires whenever you get in your car, that doesn't always happen. A tire pressure monitoring system will alert you if one or more of your tires has a dangerously low tire pressure. If the tire pressure light comes on, you are going to want to swing by a gas station or auto shop that has an air machine so you can add air to your tires. Or you can carry around a can of compressed air to fill your tires in case of an emergency.

Safety Feature #5: Impact Sensing Door Unlock

With old school cars, you manually pulled the door lock up and down. With most modern vehicles made over the past few decades, you can't manually pull the lock-up or push it down; you must use a button to engage the lock. An impact sensing door lock will unlock your door if it senses that you were in an accident, so you don't have to worry about finding and pushing the button to unlock the door.

Safety Feature #6: Active Headrests

Active headrests are not a feature that is very well known. An active headrest system is activated when you are hit from behind. When that happens, the headrest will move forward. The headrest will move forward to cushion your head and reduce the space between your head and the headrest, helping to prevent damage to your neck vertebrae.

Safety Feature #7: Emergency Internal Trunk Release

Finally, look for a vehicle with an emergency internal trunk release. If you have to exit your car via the trunk for any reason, you will be able to open it from the inside with an emergency internal truck release. For example, if you get into an accident in a ditch and can't get out through your doors, you could get out through the trunk. Or if someone gets stuck in the trunk, they can use the emergency release to get out.

When you purchase a new vehicle, you will want to look at the smaller features that often get overlooked but are essential, such as a seat belt reminder, impact sensing door unlocks, and active headrests. Visit a dealership to learn more about available cars, such as the new Kia Optima


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