Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

Tips For Choosing A Car For Your College Student

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If you are like many parents, you may be sending one of your children off to college for the first time this fall. You want to make sure they are well equipped for this new chapter in their life. For some, this means giving them a car so they can easily make their way around their new city or make the journey home on weekends or holidays. The following guide will provide you with a few tips for picking out the best used car for a college student.

Consider the climate

The location where your child attends college may have a very different climate than where you live. For example, if your child is going to a college in the snow belt, you may want to consider purchasing them a used vehicle with all wheel or four wheel drive capabilities. In a hot, desert climate, on the other hand, snow handling capabilities may not be necessary, but heat is a concern. A lighter-colored car with a lighter interior and tinted windows is less likely to become uncomfortably hot or suffer from extensive sun bleaching.

Read up on safety and reliability

Naturally, you want your child to be safe. Fortunately, you can count on most modern cars to have most of the necessary safety features. You can easily access safety ratings online through a consumer reporting website while you are shopping. Reliability may require more investigation. This is because reliability ratings on their own aren't sufficient. You also need to consider what repairs are most often required and how often, along with the average cost. A car that needs infrequent but very expensive repairs may not work well for a college student unless you are willing to help with the high cost if a repair is needed. On the other hand, a car that needs frequent, inexpensive repairs may end up being just expensive to own.

Don't overlook the cost of ownership

The cost of ownership goes beyond car payments and repair bills, particularly when dealing with a young adult. You also need to consider things like parking fees, auto insurance, and vandalism. For example, an oversize vehicle, like a big truck, may look safe in a parent's eyes, but it may be nearly impossible to find cheap or free parking in an urban college town for such a large vehicle. A cool-looking sporty car may seem perfect to a college student, but it could increase the chances of theft, vandalism, and even traffic stops. Carefully weigh all the costs of ownership before settling on a car.

With a little planning, you can launch your child into college and adulthood with a car that is reliable and affordable. Contact a used car dealership for more help.


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Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

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