Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

Transform Calls From Leads Into Sales With These Car Sales Telephone Communication Tips

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An auto dealership is a multi-faceted sales channel. Some leads will be produced strictly because of the location of the lot and the cars there drawing people in. Some leads will develop via marketing, whether it is radio, internet, or mail. However, you will also have sales leads that come from inbound calls, and unfortunately, inbound call communication is one place where a lot of auto dealerships drop the ball. The fact is, having a good setup for telephone communication in your auto dealership can easily bring you in a lot of sales. Here are a few communication tips to remember to see a better turnover from calls that transform into actual sales. 

Make your telephone system a priority at your auto dealership. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to treat your telephone system as just an ordinary business component in your auto dealership. Just like you should have enough sales reps on the lot to talk to customers who physically stop in for a visit, you should also have a phone system capable of handling all inbound calls to the dealership. Every ring on the line is a potential sale waiting to be nurtured into existence. Therefore, if calls are disregarded or customers are left waiting on the lines too long, you are potentially losing a sale already. 

Train your employees in the art of car sales via telephone. 

Sticking a traditional salesman on the phone when they are not accustomed to this form of communication with a customer is not a good idea. There is a totally different way of communicating over the phone than what is expected in person. So it is critical that the employees assigned the task of manning the phones at your auto dealership are properly trained in car sales over the phone. Invest in dealership phone training for all staff.

Avoid on-the-phone negotiations with prospective customers who call in. 

A large part of auto dealership operations is negotiating prices with people who are interested in certain vehicles. While you will probably get a lot of people who call in that want to negotiate prices for cars on your lot over the phone, it is best to mostly reserve this activity for actual on-the-lot communications. Over-the-phone communications on car prices can get misconstrued in the ears of a customer, leaving you to commit to pricing you really can't afford to offer. Plus, you will get a lot of customers who call in simply to get price quotes they can take to another dealer and get a competitive offer, and this can be a waste of your time. 


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Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

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