Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

Three Ways That New College Graduates Can Avoid The Usual Financial Pitfalls

Nino Clement

If you're like most recent graduates who are about to begin their professional journey, you may be about to set up housekeeping as a fully fledged adult for the first time in your life. This can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time -- after all, you don't want to be among those who find themselves returning to their family home because their first efforts at independent living fell flat. Fortunately, strategies exist for preventing recent college graduates from experiencing this fate. Following are three of them:

Establish an Emergency Fund

Even though paying off student loans and meeting basic financial obligations such as renting an apartment and putting food on the table will undoubtedly make a gigantic dent in your paycheck, it's nonetheless important to set aside enough money so that you can accumulate an emergency fund. A substantial emergency fund can make all the difference in navigating through rough and rocky times -- without it, unexpected medical bills or vehicle repair expenses can create a domino effect on your finances. As a bonus, if you end up not needing the funds in your emergency stash, you can convert it to an IRA or use it as a down payment on a home at a later date.

Buy a Used Car

It's normal to want to leave your college beater behind when you begin your professional life, but it's wise to resist the urge to purchase a brand new vehicle when you are just starting out. A good used car will save you money in a variety of ways -- you'll probably pay less in state registration fees and insurance as well as enjoy a much less expensive sticker price. It often pays to pay cash for a used car in good condition to avoid monthly car payments. 

Stay Within Your Means

It's only natural for new graduates who are entering the working world and living on their own for the first time to want to spend as much time as possible exploring their new surroundings and making connections with new friends and peers. However, incidental expenses tend to add up fast, so go for quality over quantity when it comes to lifestyle spending. For instance, instead of stopping at a local pub after work four or five days per week, limit your visits to once per week -- you'll enjoy the time more if it's not a part of your everyday routine.

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