Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

What To Know About Smart Technology And Your Ford Purchase

Nino Clement

When you visit your Ford dealership and decide on the purchase of a Ford truck, there are certain things to consider with that purchase. One of those key considerations are the smart technology features that are connected to not only your Ford truck, but also to the dealerships you will be using for servicing that truck. Here are a few of those smart technology features and what you should know about them.

Key Scan Servicing Kiosk

Ford dealerships around the country are implementing, or have already implemented, key scan servicing kiosks. These kiosks allow you to scan your smart technology chipped key and enter in the information needed for your service request. You then take a label and receipt from the print out at the kiosk, drop your key in the slot, and leave your Ford truck safely and securely for servicing. If there are any questions, the service department will contact you. You will also be able to select an update notification for text message, phone, or email to notify you when the truck is ready for pick-up.

Backup Assistance

One of the leading smart technology features that come on newer models of Ford trucks is Backup Assistance. This technology turns on automatically when you are backing out of a parking space or parking area. It notifies you with a hazard alert, or beeping noise, when you are too close to another object. This can prevent accidents, collisions, and damage to your Ford truck that may not be covered on insurance. This assistance can be turned off if necessary by the dealership.

Sync Capabilities

Another smart technology that you may want to consider with your Ford purchase is a technology known as sync capability. This means that you can handle things like remote start of your car, remote climate control, security features, and app related sync capabilities that can tell you the location of your truck or if you have a diagnostics issue with tires or other aspect of the truck. This can be a vital benefit regardless of your location. Most of these capabilities work through the remote fob for your car or through an app on your phone.

By keeping these smart technology features in mind, you will be better able to assist yourself in an emergency situation as well as move through the servicing process of your Ford truck easily and quickly. For more smart technology features, or available features to Ford owners, contact your local dealership.


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