Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

Learning About The Benefits Of Working With Auto Dealers

3 Considerations For Picking Up A Used Pickup Truck

Nino Clement

How you choose your used truck will play a role in how much it will cost you over the lifetime of your ownership of it. Your choice will also factor into how much use you will get out of your truck. Here are a few considerations for purchasing a used truck.

1. Consider the Origins of the Truck

The history of the truck you're looking can help you to figure out if it's worth your while. Even two trucks of the same make and model, with the same mileage, can give you completely different experiences.

For example, a truck previously used in a fleet may have seen a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Fleet managers like to keep their trucks in as perfect condition as possible. They often phase out a line of trucks for upgrades without the current trucks having any mechanical problems.

By contrast, another truck could have seen a lot of heavy, rough usage and gone through many repairs. One of these trucks will likely last you longer than the other.

Make sure you inquire about the past of the truck you have your eye on. The dealership may have copies of service records, or you can look up the history of the vehicle yourself through an online service. A VIN check or title search can also show you exactly who owned the truck before it made it to the dealership.

2. Consider How You Plan to Use the Truck

Will your new-to-you truck become your daily driver? Will you use it for hauls or a small business? Maybe you're looking for another truck to add to your own fleet. It's possible you need it for a combination of things.

How you plan to use the truck will factor into what kind of specs you want the truck to have. If you look at the history of the truck, you may see the vehicle saw use in the same type of way you plan to use it for.

You should also consider just how much you plan to use the truck. Consider how many miles you may put on the truck, and what kind of strain you will put it through. If the specs of the truck you're looking at don't seem like they can handle what you will put it through, then consider another truck at the dealership.

3. Consider the Age of the Truck

When choosing a used truck, you should stick as close to the current year model as you can comfortably afford. Try to stay within the past decade; even better if you can stay within the past five or so years.

Keep in mind that every year, manufacturers update or improve on safety features and fuel economy. They make things standard that were once options. They improve performance and handling. A good old used pickup can work well for some, but if you want to get the most out of used trucks, try to stick to more recent models.


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